Steph Laffy

well, Hello there!

I’m Steph, but my friends call me Laffy.

So you, my dear, may call me Laffy. Or Steph. Whatever floats your boat.

I’m a Canadian gal, who can often be found walking her dog, with a podcast in her ear, some caffeine in her veins, a book in her bag, and a sarcastic comment infiltrated by swear words at the ready. Throw in a plane ride and call that my happy place.

I live for the “why not” moments and am passionate about empowering all my fellow dudettes to pursue their curiosity, collect new perspectives, and create their own definition of an adventurous life.

Some of my most recent “why not” choices have led me to live in a small (and I mean small) town in Northern Saskatchewan while at other times they’ve led me to go back to school for Book Publishing, or Bungee Jumping in the Daintree Rainforest.  

My definition of adventure is malleable. I’ve done my fair share of backpacking, slow travelling, backyard adventuring, and staying still, and I can tell you that the sense of wonderment you get from being stoked about the moment you’re living in is the same for them all. There is no need to jump on or out of a plane if that’s not your jam; I have found a comfy chair and a Neil Gaiman novel to be equally as effective.

People talk a lot these days about living outside your comfort zone but I think this paints an intimidating picture for some. For me, it simply means pursuing your curiosity regularly and eagerly. Being passionately curious about your life and acting upon it.

Any moment can be extraordinary if you chose to view it that way. Having your mind blown by a book or your heart touched by a podcast interview can have the same impact on you as landing in a new country for the first time. Believe me, I know. Perspective is everything, as they say, and I am intent on seeing things from as many perspectives as I can.

Life’s the adventure, you can define it however you’d like!

Here at Laffs & Layovers, I want to explore what it means to have an ever-evolving definition of adventure and share with you the lessons I’ve learned, as well as the perspectives I’ve gathered from having an incessant need to pursue my curiosity.

And I hope you’ll share yours with me too!

Some fun facts about me:

  • I’m about as introverted as it gets but I spent a decade working in the restaurant industry, so I’m really good at faking comfortable human interaction.

  • I am a closet romantic (cats out of the bag, Steph).

  • I am mostly fuelled by sunshine, caffeine, and Fleetwood Mac songs.

  • My favourite souvenirs are tattoos, espresso mugs, and books.

  • I can be a shoulder to cry on or the kick in the ass you need.

  • Optimism and Sarcasm are my superpowers of choice.

  • I have a puppy named Pepper Potts.

  • The most admirable quality I find in a person is their ability to laugh at themselves.

  • I have an addiction to Pumpkin Seed Dark Chocolate barkThins.

Life is yours to create, so write the story of your damn dreams.
— Steph Laffy