Personal Development, what be you?


Growth can be a real bitch sometimes.

You know it.

I know it.

The fact of the matter is that it's just easier know...not.

To go about your life as the person you are.


Mmmmmmm…I'm not so sure.

All it takes is one glimpse of life another way, a better way, for that easy life you were living to not feel so easy. To maybe even feel claustrophobic.

Like you need more room to...maybe...grow.


Personal development, what be you?

For most of my life, I kind of turned up my nose to all things personal development and intentional self-growth.

It all looked kind of culty and I often caught myself thinking, what does that guy know anyway? What does that lady know anyway? They aren't me. They haven't lived my life.

How could they possibly know what's best for me?

I am an individual. I am a free spirit. A freedom seeker. A self-reflector.

How much could someone that doesn't know me really teach me about how I should think about myself? Or, my life?

Turns out...a lot.


Turns out I was just being a lazy scaredy-cat.


There are some questions that are just tough to answer for yourself. Questions that you had never thought of before but that you now can't seem to remove from your memory bank. Questions that change the way you make decisions, the way you act, the way you communicate, and the way you treat people.

This, to me, is personal development.

It's someone pointing out a part of you that you were unable to see.

That might be REALLY HARD to acknowledge but, once you do, you see life and yourself through a completely different lens.

Sure, you're going to have to face some hard truths about yourself and the way you live your life.

BUUUUTTTT, you're also going to learn to move on from that shit that's keeping you where you are this minute.

Adding Tools to your crushing life Toolbox

It's you adding tools to your toolbox. Getting better equipped to face life with as much love and light as possible. With as much confidence as possible. With as much gumption as possible.

Being open to growth and to move past personal stagnation is possibly the greatest gift you will ever give yourself.

You're going to do it anyway, so you may as well lean into it.

Join along for the ride.

Become a tool in your own growth.

It's a game-changer, dude.

It'll maybe, probably, suck for a while. Then be really sweet. Then suck again. Repeat.

But, once you lean in, you will not be able to imagine how you managed life without these tools in your back pocket.

No more shoving those avoidance issues, you absolutely know you have, to the bottom of your stomach until you're ready to explode, in tears or rage.

No more letting self-doubt make you into the comfy hermit it wants you to be.

No more resisting leaning into the "life is pretty sweet” moments of your days.

Ok well, there will definitely be some of all of this. Let's get real. We're still human.

But, we won't stay stuck there.

Stuck in those moments that we regret.

Stuck in those feelings of "not enough" or unworthiness.

Let’s Get Unstuck, dudette

I've been stuck in those moments, those feelings, FOR YEARS.

Completely uncertain about where to go or how to live instead. Stunned into complacency by it.

That's horseshit.

In a world where there a MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of tools at my disposal to change my reality, I have absolutely NO excuse for this.

I get it, that "millions" factor is equal parts reassuring and overwhelming. Where the fack do you even start?

Here's the trick.

Just, do.

If staying where you are at this moment is not working for you and your happiness anymore then what the fuck do you have to lose?

Freaking go on YouTube and enter in a problem you are having.

Freaking google "Happiness Gurus" if you have to.

Eventually, you will have an arsenal of tools to use that are personalized to you and your journey.

Cause that's the thing, kids. It's called personal growth for a reason.

It's freaking personal.

No one is going to hold you down and tell you exactly how you need to live your life.

No one is going to hold your hand through it.

They will guide and support you, in whatever way that looks like.

But, you have to do it for yourself.

That is THE MOST empowering part of it all.

You choosing to grow for you.

You are a self-growth superhero

This is a superpower I am only truly coming to understand this year.

For so long, I would just allow myself to stay stuck in my emotions. To give those feelings power over the way I live my life.

No more, I say!

Sure, it took me understanding what my feelings are trying to tell me to get here.

But, now that I am, I feel utterly unstoppable.


I now have an arsenal at my disposal of people, tools, and pump up jams to snap me the fuck out of it.

To wake me up to what really matters.

Which, let's get real, is oftentimes not the emotion that is keeping us down, stagnant.

Your emotions are trying to protect you.

From change, from the unknown.

But hey, guess what?

You don't need protection.

You are a motherfreaking superhero.

The leading lady of your own life.

Powerful beyond measure.

So, say "thank you so much crippling fear of change but I actually won't be needed you today. I've got this."

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it more often than not comes down to a choice.

You either choose into or out of your emotions.

You either choose into or out of your power. Your superpowers.

It's ok if you don't know how right now. Or, if what I'm saying seems like total and utter horseshit.

Been there. Recently, actually.

But, it's true dudette.

You just need to find the tools and support you'll need to do so.

Songs, journaling, tapping, dance parties, puppy play sesh, bath time, mirror pep talk, best friend smackdown? I can go all day.

And, I gladly will, if it means you waking up to the woman you are meant to be today. To the superpowers within you.

Processing emotions is scary shit if you have no idea how to go about it.

It's definitely the hard thing.

It's also definitely the worthwhile thing.

The gift that keeps on giving

It is the single greatest gift I continue to give myself.

To take time, every day, to go through that toolbox I've curated and assess where I'm at. Work through the shit that I need to work through. Do my best to be the me I want to be. For myself. For those I connect with. And, for you.

It isn't always easy.

And, sometimes things getting murkier, harder before they get lighter.

But, in the times where I resist who I know I'm supposed to be, where I seriously consider the point of unearthing so much shit from within me, I think of who I was. How far I've come. How I've, no joke, healed myself.

Am I willing to sacrifice that for the easy way? To feel comfortable in this moment?

Mmmmmmm, no.

Today, I choose courage over comfort. I choose to show up for myself. To connect with me. And, to continue to grow.

To become the rad female I've always dreamed of being and who I know now I have always been.

You have a badass warrior within you too, dudette.

She's just chillin' there, waiting for you to choose her.

For you to finally just be ok with being alone with your own thoughts.

For you to finally just be ok with actually feeling your feelings.

For you to actually know what it feels like to even process your feelings.

That's some intense shit right there.

Believe Me. I KNOW.

Emotionally unavailable was my middle name.

In fact, it was something I was proud of.

Not anymore.

Now that I've seen the other side, there's no going back.

Growth is the key to ultimate badassery. There is no way around it.

Sorry (Not Sorry).

Who do you want to grow to be?

Who do you think is waiting within you?

What are you avoiding?

The power you have to snap yourself the fuck out of it is actually remarkable.

But, you know where to find me if ya ever need a guiding light. Or, a kick in the ass.

And Remember,

Life is your adventure, define it however you'd like.