How to Change Your Latitude with Pascale Cote

Freedom Lifestyle Seeker

Freedom Lifestyle Seeker

Let’s Get Nomadic up in here!

I have made it a point this year (more than usual) to surround myself with badass, ambitious, high vibe freaking human being. 

To absorb their experience and wisdom bombs. 

To learn from them and, in a lot of ways, emulate them.

Pascale Cote is by far amongst the most magically badass humans of them all. 

She and I met through a group coaching program (Vision + Tribe with Erin May Henry) and have remained in touch ever since. Her story and her business have been an incredible source of motivation and inspiration for me on my journey to location independence and, I suspect, she will have the same effect on you.

She is a fellow Canadian, female badass, and online entrepreneur, who has turned her love for a location independent lifestyle into a successful and, might I add, inspiring business. 

As a Freedom Based Lifestyle Coach she uses her lifetime of experiences and the many tools she’s gathered along the way to help you, and me, create the life we’ve always wanted. Whatever that looks like. 

No more excuses. It’s time to live and work from anywhere we want. It’s time to no holds barred create the life of our dreams. 

Motivation Station with Pascale Cote: Frequent Adventurer, Freedom Seeker, and the Coach of your Dreams

How to become a digital nomad

How to become a digital nomad

How did you get started with your location independent lifestyle?

While I was working in the advertising industry for huge companies such as L’Oreal and Air Canada, I started to get in touch with a few entrepreneurs around me that were launching small businesses. They were coming to me for marketing and communication strategies, and it was absolutely refreshing to be able to help passionate people achieve their dreams. While my advice was making a visible impact on their startup, I felt completely useless in my corporate job. So I decided to quit my job and start offering my services to small entrepreneurs – coaching them on creating their business plan, building their marketing strategy, guiding them step-by-step in the launch of their dream business.

I had to downsize my life considerably for a while, but I kept focusing on how gratifying it was to help people make their dream come true because of my advice. At one point, I realized that I actually could do this from anywhere so my now husband and I decided to move to Spain for 14 months. With the many freelance platforms available online and the contacts I had made in Canada, I was able to make more money than I was making in my corporate job – while creating my own schedule and living by the beach in Malaga. Now back in Montreal (for now hehe) and convinced that this lifestyle is not only possible but easily achievable, I want to help people do the same to get more freedom in their lives.

...convinced that this lifestyle is not only possible by easily achievable, I want to help people do the same get more freedom in their lives.
— Pascale Coté

What advice do you have for someone looking to become a digital nomad?

First, it's important to know why you're considering this lifestyle. It's not a job position, it's a lifestyle. Like any big decision or change in your life, it's essential to understand what motivates it. Then, it's important to learn as much as you can about the reality of it to see if your "why" aligns with what it really is, and not the idea you have of it.

Being location independent implies having to create and manage your own business and all that comes with it - it's a LOT of work and involves dealing with many unknown situations. It's not comfortable for a while. And, that's when the "why" becomes important. Knowing your “why”, and reminding yourself of it, is what will help you to push through the difficult moments. 

You also have to learn how to be comfortable with not being comfortable. This is a huge part of being a digital nomad because you're moving often, adapting to new cultures, new work environments, and new clients. Routines are key! In a way, we want to run away from routine when you're dreaming about becoming a digital nomad, but without it, it's very hard to handle. When everything around you moves constantly, you have to build a ton of self-discipline. 

It’s not a job position, it’s a lifestyle.
— Pascale Coté

What is the biggest obstacle you've overcome? And, how did you overcome it? Or, how are you overcoming it?

When it comes to becoming a digital nomad, I think, by trying to do it all at the same time, I've actually been the creator of my biggest obstacle: I started freelancing, quit my job, sold all my stuff, learned a new language and moved to a place I had never been to, all in the span of 3 months. It was a lot to handle! Plus, my family was really upset about me leaving Canada.

I had secured a 3-month freelance contract with an advertising agency before leaving Montreal, but as soon as I landed in Spain, I got a text telling me that they had to cancel the contract - they had lost a client and could no longer afford me. It was an extremely stressful period! After a few weeks of freaking out, spending 15h per day pitching clients, sending my CV to hotels and coffee shops in Malaga, trying to make friends but not being able to truly connect with them because of my very limited Spanish, dealing with my family not talking to me - I reached my limit.

I told my husband fuck it, we didn't move by the beach to be stressed out, let's go on a trip and enjoy it. So, we went on a 5 day road trip to Algarve in Portugal - we saw the most beautiful sunrises and landscapes. It reconnected us with our "why" and made it much easier to go through this tough period. Back in Malaga, we were a bit more relaxed and things just started falling into place - he got a job teaching English and I signed a contract with a client I still have 3 years later. 

I told my husband fuck it, we didn’t move by the beach to be stressed out.
— Pascale Coté

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Pascale is now helping adventure seekers, like us, to go after the life they want, stay connected to their dreams, and create a life they don’t want to escape from. She wants you to live your life on your terms, create your own definition of freedom, and then pursue that life unapologetically.

She understands how motherfreaking overwhelming/scary it all can be. She’s “been there, done that”. She gets it.

But, if she can do it, so can you, and she is here to help you make that life a reality.

Go after your dreams, dudette. Take that next step.

Let’s be freedom seekers together.


Make sure to connect with Pascale @pascale_nomadcoach on IG + for all kinds of motivation, inspiration, and information.


LIFE’s the adventure, You can define it however you’d like.