Pep Talk: Get over your own bullshit and get out of your own way, dudette


I'm not sure you ever feel ready. I'm not sure you ever will.

You know what I'm talking about.

Ready to do that thing you've spent the last month amping yourself up for. Taking notes, writing drafts, doing research.

You're never going to know more than you know now.

Actually, I think you've known everything you need to know all along.

You've only been using "not ready" to excuse your fear.

To bypass the fact that you simply don't feel worthy of it.

Simply don't understand why you've been chosen to release it.

But, you have.

So, just do it.

People need to hear what you have to say and you need to let it go.

What you have to say is important. In fact, what you have to say could be life changing for someone.

Just as others have put things into the world that have changed your life. I bet you 100$ they had to pep talk themselves into readiness as well.

I don't think it's a feeling that ever goes away.

So, just fucking get over it.

Sit your ass in front of the computer and do the thing that has been nagging at you. Just finish it and put it out there. It might feel hard, but I bet once it's done you will feel beyond elated. You will feel proud. You will feel accomplished. You'll probably also feel scared shitless, but that just comes with the territory of creating at all, I'm afraid.

And, if it really feels to hard. If resistance is getting the better of you, as yourself...Why wouldn't you want to do it? What's really holding you back?

Laziness might seem like the answer but that ironically is a lazy retort. You know better.

Deep down you know it's fear.

Fear of judgment.

Fear of no one caring.

Or, worse. Fear of criticism.

Remember, the people you created it for will understand, will be grateful. All others can shush it.

You are stronger than what they have to say, anyway.

Maybe you are, in fact, afraid of success. Of having to figure out what's next.

Of actually having people listen.

Maybe that thought is actually scarier than any failure. Ohgerd it sounds scary.

Know that everything happens exactly when it's meant to and as it's meant to.

When you are ready, it will happen.

So, trust that everything you need to know is within you.

Trust in yourself.

In your experiences.

In your knowledge.

In your power.

I believe in you.

I believe in me.

I believe in, in the words of Katrina Ruth "just letting the message be the message".

So, that thing you've been wanting to create.

To write.

To sell.

To make.

To do.

Just get over your own bullshit and do it.

It's not about you.

There is someone out there that really needs you to.

That is waiting for it.

Do you really want to keep them waiting any longer?

That idea of yours is magical. It really is. And, it deserves to see the light of day.

You deserve to see it come to life.

You are capable of making it happen. You know you are. know...just do it.

If for no other reason than to know that you did. That you can.

There's alot of power in that.

In knowing you have the power to create what's in your head.

Bring your ideas to life.

Put them on paper or into the hands/heart of another human.

Power in knowing that when you say you will, you do.

That when you decide and committ, that that's it. It's as good as done.

Power in knowing you are disciplined in the things that really matter.

That you can depend on yourself to show up when it's needed.

That you can depend on yourself. Period.

There's real power in that.

You have that power within you. Always have, always will.

You just have to chose it.

Chose it over the fear.

Over the bullshit.

Over the complacency.

You have to choose what matters.

To you.

To this moment.

In your life.

Will you look back and wish that you had...?

Wrote the thing.

Created the thing.

Done the thing.

Would it hurt if someone else did it instead?

If they....

Volunteered for the thing.

Published the thing.

Sold the thing.


Then what is it exactly you are waiting for?

You are meant to bring this idea to life, but it will not wait around for you forever.

Be the person that owns her shit and brings her vision to life.

Your ideas are valuable. Always.

Your experiences are valuable. Always.

You are valuable. Always.

Be the person that owns that power and that chooses to impact the world with it.

I know that you are and that you will.


Life is your adventure, you can define it however you like.