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That "Holy Freaking Shit This is my Life” Feeling

I love sitting still and just listening to the wind, and feeling the sunshine on my face. I really relish the moments when I am completely at peace with my environment and my surroundings. When I just embrace the stillness absolutely. 

When I’m able to separate my pre-conditioned desire to be checking things off a to-do list and trusting that what I feel compelled to do is what I’m meant to be doing. 

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Stop Thinking About it and Just Take The Leap

For many years now I thought travel was just a means of me seeing the word, living the adventures I always dreamed of and being free the way I always wanted to be. It is only recently that I've really come to understand that choosing to travel the way I did was maybe the single greatest decision I have ever made. It was the biggest pivot in my life and I chose it purely for me. That is what makes it so remarkable. Because I had had enough of seeking approval, of seeking validation, of acting and looking a certain way for other people. 

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So You’ve Traveled the World, Now What?

Just a heads up, this is not a how-to guide for writing a resume or for highlighting the skills you learnt while traveling. It isn’t even a step-by-step guide to applying all you’ve learnt travelling to your career. It is, however, a perspective shifting guide on how you should view and treat your experiences. And how you should use them to build your own future. A future that is 100% aligned with you, and your happiness. About backing yourself, and the life you want no matter what.

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