It's All a Trust Exercise

What would faith look like right now? What would fear? Is one winning the battle over the other?

What do I choose?

One of my mentors, Katrina Ruth, asked this question in a video a little while ago and, in all honesty, I didn’t want any of it. I told myself that I was living from trust and therefore this question didn’t apply to me. 

I have been consciously choosing to live from “trust” in the past several months (been doing it for most of my life without knowing it I suppose), so clearly I’ve got this nailed down. Um, nuh uh.

This morning this question came to mind again and after about a week of me trying to kick my own ass back into a place of feeling connected to my business and life goals, it didn’t seem so obsolete to me and my life. 

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Make It Happen For You (Not Them)

It’s funny how life triggers you sometimes. How it can almost stun you. Stop you in your motivational tracks. How it tests you. 

I believe in me, I really do. 

I’ve just never dreamed so big before and truly believed I would get there. Truly believed that I would make it happen. I merely hoped and wished it would fall into my lap. That someone I met would hear my stories and have a step-by-step guide for me to build my dream life guaranteed. 

Turns out, that’s not how life works. Who knew, right?

Turns out you have to not only believe in yourself but back yourself. Even if no one else does. In fact, even more so when no one else does. 

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How to Escape the Fear Spiral of Doom

Fear is a very fickle thing. 

If you’re not careful it can really get the drop on you. Have you going from “I can do anything” to “omg I’m a failure at life”, in a heartbeat. 

I am a professional fear spiral breather througher. It’s a thing. Don’t question it. 

Funny thing about fear is that you always make it through to the other side, and you can always do so landing back on your own two feet and maybe even more sure than you where before. 

I’ve come to look at fear as a test. A test of wills to determine how badly I want it. Am I willing to fight through the indecisiveness and the self-defeat to get to it? Am I willing to kick my own ass into gear?

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Worthy As You Are, Always

It’s funny.

Sometimes I catch myself just absurdly blissful with where I am at and where I am going. I wake up with a pep in my step and motivation on the highest vibes.

I am acutely aware of all my blessings and all the things I achieve in a day, big and small. Every one of them an acknowledgment that I’m on the right path, that I am working towards my dream. That my dream is already here :)

And then there are days where I wake up and could not be bothered. Where every win is barely acknowledged or felt. Where it’s hard to get out of pyjamas let alone go full-on towards my dreams. On days like this, I feel like life is getting the better of me. Like I’m tired of working. Like I’m tired of chasing. Like I’m just tired. 

I’ve decided to call these days my layer shedding days.

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Review: Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

It has been quite some time since I’ve gotten so lost in a book that I’ve let the world drop away for a couple of days. That I just let myself get fully lost in the magic world coming to life on the page and in my imagination. Meeting new characters (making new friends, really), exploring new worlds, with new tastes, new smells, new languages.

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Dear Traveler, "Settling Down" is Not the Enemy

I am so happy in my life right now. So incredibly happy. 

It’s moments like this that remind me that being stubborn about the plan for your life is...well...silly.

Do I mean not having aspirations? Do I mean not working for your dream life? Absolutely not.

What I do mean, is being malleable of what that looks like. Of being open to something different. Maybe even something polar opposite to what you had planned for yourself and your life. 

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Kick Self-Doubts’ Butt

Self-doubt is such a little biatch. 

Overcoming it is an exhausting never ending battle with yourself and who you want to be. 

It’s easy to say “I don’t care what they think”, and maybe you mean it. Maybe you really don’t care what the majority of people have to say about your choices. But, to not let other people's opinions or expectations affect you at all is another thing entirely. An entirely human thing. 

Sometimes it stops you in your tracks; derails you from the direction you were so sure about 2 days ago. Sometimes it can take a considerable amount of time to dust yourself off and pick yourself back up again. Sometimes starting from scratch in grounding yourself again. 

These times can be so incredibly frustrating. And often, for me anyway, it results in me kicking myself for allowing it to derail me in the first place. This only adds another layer of funk for me to shed at the end of it all. 

And that’s what overcoming self-doubt comes down to, CHOOSING to pick yourself up, forgive yourself for getting derailed, and moving on with your mission.

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Grateful As It Is

Is it so wrong to just want to be happy? For that to be the goal? For that to be your measurement of success?

Obvious answer is OF COURSE NOT, that’s the ultimate goal, duh. Is it though?

When you really stop to think about what you are doing in your life right now, is happiness your goal?

Or is it a financial goal? A promotion? A deadline? 

A thing you think that will bring happiness when you get there. 

Believe me I get, I’ve been there. In fact, I’ve been there recently. 

Thinking that I’ll be that much happier when I reach that next level with my business, or when I hit that financial goal. 

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Energy Suckers Vs. Energy Givers

The word “boundaries” has been floating around in my head quite a bit in the last several months. 

Setting them and sticking to them has always been something I have struggled with immensely (chronic people pleaser over here).

I can still remember when I first became aware of the notion of “boundaries”.  I could not tell you how old I was but I remember being in elementary school or middle school and my dad sitting me down to talk about the energy suckers and the energy givers of the world. He was trying to protect me from what he could see happening.

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That "Holy Freaking Shit This is my Life” Feeling

I love sitting still and just listening to the wind, and feeling the sunshine on my face. I really relish the moments when I am completely at peace with my environment and my surroundings. When I just embrace the stillness absolutely. 

When I’m able to separate my pre-conditioned desire to be checking things off a to-do list and trusting that what I feel compelled to do is what I’m meant to be doing. 

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Monday Morning Pep Talk to Myself

It’s so hard sometimes to remember from one second to the next why you are so fired up about something. 

Honestly, sometimes it’s absolutely exhausting. Talking myself out of moments of utter...well...laziness. Or what, ultimately, feels like laziness. 

“I’m so tired but I know deep down I want to go do that thing. I know that CEO me wants to create that thing.”

Although laziness I guess is always a potential factor, for me, more often than not my excuses are merely (or not so merely) a disguise for self-doubt and fear. 

I’ve made the conscious choice to only pursue endeavours that fire me up and get me excited about life so I know that the reason I’m deflecting from actually doing them is NOT that I sincerely don’t want to. 

That would have been the case a year ago. Heck, two months ago. I was constantly battling with myself to get things done because I felt like I really should want to do them. I was trying to force myself into momentum. 

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How I am Ending My Busy Bee Cycle

It has really started to dawn on me that there is nothing you really NEED to do. There is only what you think you should be doing and what you feel compelled to do. 

The things that you feel you SHOULD be doing are the things that make you feel guilty when you’re not doing them or working towards them in some way. So much so that even when you are practicing the infamous “self-care” you are thinking about them. You are loathing yourself in some way for postponing those tasks.

This is bullshit.

I am an expert at it. 

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Stop Thinking About it and Just Take The Leap

For many years now I thought travel was just a means of me seeing the word, living the adventures I always dreamed of and being free the way I always wanted to be. It is only recently that I've really come to understand that choosing to travel the way I did was maybe the single greatest decision I have ever made. It was the biggest pivot in my life and I chose it purely for me. That is what makes it so remarkable. Because I had had enough of seeking approval, of seeking validation, of acting and looking a certain way for other people. 

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Ongoing Literary Adventures: July Reads

Let me begin by saying that I am often reading 2 or 3 books at a time. Why?

1. If I read fiction before bed I don’t sleep. Just one more chapter mooommm. But, fiction is my first love and I love the way it gets my imagination flowing, so I try my best to read at least a few chapters of fiction of some kind a week.

2.  I have made the commitment to work on my mindset everyday for the foreseeable future. So, lately, I’ve been reading a chapter from a book pertaining to mindset or personal development every morning.

3. I’ve always loved learning about other peoples journeys. So, I usually have a non-fiction title of some kind on the go.

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Nothing is Ever Going to Change Unless You Do

I haven’t always felt so at home in my own skin. There were a lot of years where I felt like I was playing a character. And, looking back, it’s pretty evident that I was. I didn’t know who I wanted to be really, and I was crippled by the fear of “missing out” on life. That is still, in part, what drives me every day to grow, to be curious, and to challenge myself to more. I sincerely feel like it is my responsibility to do as much as I possibly can with this life. However, I have been conflicted about what that means. 

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Just Quit it With the SHOULDS and WOULDS, Would ya?

It’s really easy to say that you shouldn't get lost in the SHOULDs and WOULDs.

It’s really easy to hear it, really feel it, agree, and know...forget. This is why it has taken me 29 years to figure out is that being you, and living your life from a place that is authentically you, or aligned with who you want to be is a DAILY practice. It doesn’t just click one day and then that’s it. Sweet, you’re good to go now. Now go off and be you all over the world. No one’s opinions will affect how you express yourself or act anymore. Hate to break it to you, but not so much.

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So You’ve Traveled the World, Now What?

Just a heads up, this is not a how-to guide for writing a resume or for highlighting the skills you learnt while traveling. It isn’t even a step-by-step guide to applying all you’ve learnt travelling to your career. It is, however, a perspective shifting guide on how you should view and treat your experiences. And how you should use them to build your own future. A future that is 100% aligned with you, and your happiness. About backing yourself, and the life you want no matter what.

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The Journey to Being Unapologetically Me

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about the type of person I want to be; now, in 5 years, in 20 years. How do I want to feel, how do I want to create value for the world, and how do I want to be perceived by the world.

These are all very easy and very hard questions at the same time (for me anyway). “Answering” them has involved completely throwing myself into doing things I hadn’t really ever considered before.

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