Change your mind. And, change it again.

Embrace who you are now, while staying open to who you will become. Beirut, Lebanon.

Embrace who you are now, while staying open to who you will become. Beirut, Lebanon.

Changing course or changing your mind can sometimes feel like failure.

Like you set out to do a thing and because it didn't work out the way you had originally thought it would it was a fall. You falling short of your dreams, of your expectations of yourself, of others’ expectations of what your life should be.

That when you choose to change paths it means that you weren't enough for the one you had originally set for yourself.

You're wrong.

…Just so you know.

You have the power to change your mind. And, change it over again.

In fact, I think it's a superpower.

The person you are this very minute is not who you will be tomorrow. How are you to know her desires and ambitions?

How are you to know what you love until you try?

How are you to know what will contract you until you try?

I didn't always see it this way.

Maybe I’m just a flake?

For many years I viewed myself as a flake. Someone who would set out to do something and then upon discovering it didn't make me happy, would slow down to a crawl until eventually just abandoning the venture altogether.

There have of course been times where fear has been a factor. Keeping me small. But, often times I sincerely was not giving myself credit where credit is due.

I bet you aren't giving yourself enough credit either. Because choosing happiness can be hard.

Choosing your day to day joy over what you THOUGHT you were supposed to want: the career, the dollars, the house.

In the back of your mind thinking...maybe knowing...that most won't understand. Most wouldn't take the same steps. Wouldn't make the same choice.

But, they're not you.

You get to choose your path.

You get to choose your joy.

You get to choose your adventure.

You get to change your mind.


And, over.

This doesn't make you weak.

You're not.

It makes you strong.

Strong in who you are and what you are willing to sacrifice.

Sacrifice your now for your “later”? I don’t get it.

This moment is magical. Beirut, Lebanon.

This moment is magical. Beirut, Lebanon.

I have always struggled with the notion of sacrificing the now for my future. It's not something I've ever been able to come to terms with, and, in all honesty, not something I believe in.

Sacrificing your happiness in life now, in order to be comfortable in your life later makes absolutely no sense to me. Never has.

Have I always been able to communicate that? No.

But, looking back. My actions say it all and I'm proud of me.

I'm proud of the things I've said no to and I'm proud of the things I let go. The things that I had set out to do only to realize I wasn't really doing it for me. Not really.

I'm proud of me for not letting those setbacks keep me down. Of the fact that I've brushed it off and just come at life from a different angle. Changing my mind, over and over, until I feel like I'm in the right place. Like I've made the right choice.

It's led me here. Through the questionable choices and doubt, to a person growing and pushing herself to build a life she is madly in love with. In love with EVERY SINGLE PART OF IT.

A person who knows what she DOES NOT want.

A person who is willing to fight for what she does. In fact, simply, a person who knows what she wants.

Or, is at least beginning to understand.

I want to be happy.

I want to be healthy.

I want to be location independent.

I want to go on adventures.

I want to be my own boss and make my own schedule.

I want to support myself through my business.

I want to help people bring their dreams to reality through their words and their stories.

I want to keep growing, every day. Keep pushing every day to be a little bit better than yesterday.

I want to be a person who sees her qualities as superpowers, not defects.

Embracing change is a superpower.

You are a superhero

Choosing you over expectation is a superpower.

Changing your mind about what you want out of life is a motherfreaking superpower.

It might sound naive to some. And that's ok.

You don't need to agree.

Just know that I know that it’s true.

This shift has changed the way I see myself and my life. It has changed me.

I am not a flake.

I am, perhaps, a perfectionist. I'm working on it ok?! ;)

But, I am not a flake.

I am simply unwilling to sacrifice myself to get to the "end goal" quicker. To say that I've reached some landmark. Some pillar of success.

To channel Eat, Pray, Love vibes, I am "A woman in search of her word."

And, who is unwilling to stop until she finds it.

Every moment is magical and I intend to appreciate each of them now, as I see fit. Not the way I always thought I would, or the way I planned to a year ago.

Things shift. Things change. You change.

That is your superpower.

You have the power to change. Whenever you want. However you want. And, into whoever you want.

You can become whatever version of yourself you want. You only have to choose. brave.

Be brave enough to say goodbye to the dreams you once had, but are not serving you anymore.

Be brave enough to open yourself up to new dreams and possibilities.

Be brave enough to live your life the way you want to live it.

I know you're brave enough.

You are superwoman. You are unstoppable. You are adaptable. You are unwavering in your commitment to yourself.

So, take the leap dudette. Make that pivot you've been thinking about. Big or Small.

Lean into the change. Lean into the freedom you have to change it up, mix it up, to flow with the go. To live the adventure and create the adventure. However, it suits you now. In this moment.

It's the only one you're guaranteed. So, make the most of it.

Build the life that is 100% your own. That is maybe even unknown to you right now.

Just don't be afraid of change.

I promise.

Good things are waiting for you.

Just decide.

Just commit.

Make the choice.

Make the change.

And remember,

Life's your adventure, define it however you'd like.